Themes of protest and dissent unite a season of cinema


This winter the Block Museum presents two unique film series which stand at the intersection of artistry and politics. Block Cinema selections this season offer experimental and independent views of protest movements, unsanctioned narratives, and methods of celebrating the struggle for justice.  The historic videos and films on display document varied forms of protest and […]

Tantalizing Bits of Chicago History with Block Cinema

1924: Promotional portrait of actor and director Buster Keaton (1895 - 1966) wearing a sailor suit and holding a life preserver from the film, 'The Navigator,' directed by Keaton and Donald Crisp.

This Thursday, April 2, Block Cinema will screen The Navigator (1924), starring Buster Keaton and featuring live musical accompaniment from David Drazin. That same David Drazin, along with Carol Seymour and Robert Loerzel, recently discovered that Chicago’s censorship office, which was run by the police department, demanded cuts to The Navigator before allowing it to […]

Northwestern Student Film Festival

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.53.24 PM

It’s become a time-honored tradition here at the Block. In late April students stop by the Museum to drop off their submissions for the Annual Northwestern Student Film Festival, organized each year by Block Cinema. The films selected for screening in this year’s festival have now been chosen and the winners will be announced during the […]

Illuminating the Shadows: Film Criticism in Focus

film criticism panel (1 of 66)-2

Critics and Scholars In another installment of Block Cinema’s discussion of film criticism, on May 4, 2012, a panel of writers, bloggers, and critics addressed the relationship between criticism and academic film studies. Listen now (audio, 101 minutes) Moderator: Nick Davis (Assistant Professor of English and Gender Studies, Northwestern University) Participants: Adrian Martin, (Professor of […]