Collection Spotlight: Solider and Bride by Jiří Anderle

  Jiří Anderle, Solider and Bride, 1980, drypoint and mezzotint with photograph. 1988.2. Jiří Anderle is a Czech artist born in 1936. Much of his work was collected by a Chicago couple, Jacques and Anne Baruch, who ran a gallery that focused on the contemporary art of Central and Eastern Europe. I love this print. […]

Collection Spotlight: The Campfire by Roy De Forest

  Roy De Forest, The Campfire, 1993, lithograph. Gift of Thomas Deutsch, 1998.10.5. As the Museum’s registrar, I’ve seen everything in our collection. I wanted to pick an object that hasn’t been on exhibition yet to share with you and my colleagues. We have seven prints and one drawing by the artist Roy De Forest. […]

Collection Spotlight: Les fumeurs de hadchids (The hashish smokers)

Honoré Daumier, a painter, sculptor, illustrator, and printmaker, is perhaps most widely recognized for his poignant social satires. Persistently chastising politicians, royalty, lawyers, and other types through his artwork, Daumier found his place in Parisian publishing firms as a prolific lithographer, working predominantly for Maison Aubert. The ability to quickly and inexpensively reproduce images through […]